Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Bolphane Films rival any found in the world's marketplace. For those elements critical to the success of any display film, e.g. clarity, high shrinkability, excellent machinability, mechanical strength, and high yield, our films excel.

Bolphane is one of the most advanced fully recyclable multi-layer films.

We provide solutions for a complete range of applications

  • Odd-shaped applications requiring high shrinkage or excellent machinability on
    high-speed machinery.
  • Multi-purpose applications with high clarity and gloss.
  • Various optional possibilities, such as perforation, etc.

Bolphane® Multilayer Polyolefin Shrink Films:

Ultra Thin
Data Sheet
30 gauge
High performance ultra thin shrink film, ultimate in source reduction and reduced carbon footprint.
Standard Multi-purpose
Data Sheet
Strong shrink force center folded film with optimized perforation for controlled shrinkage, ideal for multipacking applications.
Standard High Speed
Data Sheet
50-60-75-100 gauge
High shrink force film with excellent stiffness and flatness, making it ideal for multipacking and high speed applications.
High Performance
Data Sheet
50-60-75-100 gauge
A 5-layer shrink film that seals and shrinks at lower temperatures with high free shrink for maximum retail presentation.
Tough and Versatile
Data Sheet
50-60-75-100 gauge
Cross-linked shrink film with enhanced toughness and a broad operating window suitable for a broad range of applications.
Data Sheet
60 gauge
Cross-linked shrink film with high performance antifog properties that deliver superior gloss and clarity.
High Efficiency
Data Sheet
44 gauge
Enriched formulation resulting in a low temperature shrink film with the highest available free shrink.
Low Gauge
Data Sheet
45 gauge
Cross-linked technology in a low gauge shrink film that combines material savings and abuse resistance.
Soft Shrink
Data Sheet
45-50-60-75 gauge
Cross-linked for abuse resistance, a low force shrink film with high free shrink designed for wrapping soft and irregularly shaped items.

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